New: 700E Conversion from Ray Nemovi

21 12 2009

My friend Ray Nemovi sent me his new electric conversion for the Align Trex 700 and man this thing is exciting!  On a 12s setup this is easily one of the most powerful and agile 3D machines on the market.

My friend Ray Nemovi just sent me his new electric conversion for the Trex 700N and man, this does not dissapoint!  The conversion is extremely simply taking roughly 30 minutes to install and complete.

The instructions are straight forward and the kit goes together by simply drilling 4 holes with the supplied jigs and installing a rear battery tray and 2 motor shaft blocks (supplied).

The kit comes with all of the hardware as well as a Neu 1915/1.5/Y motor which makes for an insane setup when running a 10s or 12s setup with correct gearing.

I have also choosen to run the Kontronik Power Jazz 63 Volt 120A Electronic Speed Control, this is arguably the best ESC for this application.

I am running the new EM 35c 6s 5000mah packs from Esprit Model which are huge on power!

If your looking for a very easy, practical and almost stock conversion then you definetly want to consider Ray’s conversion which should be publically available very soon at selected retailers.




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