NEW: OS91 HZ-R Conversion

29 04 2010

The single most important engine upgrade you can do to an OS91 HZ is the new HZ-R conversion that has recently been released by OS Engines.  After 6 years in the making both Steve Helms of Futaba/OS and James O’Neal of OMI collaborated to what is clearly to be the best engine/carb that OS has ever produced.

The new HZ-R Carb is based on modifications that James O’Neal was originally doing to OS carb’s several years ago.  This included a “cat eye” mod to the barrel as well an angled spray nozzle for better fuel distribution and of course the Cline regulator.  These modifications made a huge difference in how well the older OS91 SZ motors ran.

The new carb is based on that design, having been tested since last July by OS team pilots the system has been refined and now offers what many may argue is the best helicopter engine/carb combo that has ever come out of OS Japan.

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