EM LiPo Batteries – A new choice in affordable batteries!

19 05 2010

I recently started playing with some of the large electrics and have been using the new EM series of LiPo Batteries.  These new packs are available exclusivly from www.EspritModel.com  With so many new battery companies popping up it’s nice to see that a US based company has entered into the battery market with a low-cost high-performance line of batteries. 

EM 35C 6s 5000


 While there are many choices in batteries, some more expensive and many cheaper (practically disposable) it’s very good to see that Esprit is stepping up with a low cost line that also offers a 50% Crash or Warranty Replacement for Life!

For more info on the entire line of 25C, 30C and 35C packs go to www.EspritModel.com

EM 35C Trex 700

Trex 700E & EM 35C 12s 5000

 EM Packs and more can be found at www.EspritModel.com or by emailing sales@espritmodel.com




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