All the Rage.. New Masters Blend from Byron Fuels!

21 05 2010

Byron Fuels has just released their newest blend of heli fuel, Masters Blend.  This fuel has been tested for the past several months, the end result is another awesome fuel by Bryon!  Unlike many companies Byron Fuels is constantly looking for and researching how an already great product can be made event better, such is the case with the new Masters Blend which was specifically developed to meet the needs of the new OS .91 HZ-R and YS .91 engines.

Rotor Rage


I have been using the Masters Blend for a few weeks now and I am very impressed, since I am using the OS 91 HZ-R engines, the new Masters really compliments the engines allowing them to perform reliably and consistantly flight after flight.  Easier tuning, smoother idle, excellent mid-range response and of course a cooler running engine are all charecterisitcs of the new fuel and whi I choose to run Rotor Rage Masters Blend.

Whats the difference?

A modified Rotor Rage lubrication package and an additional 1% of proprietary lubrication delivers cooler operation and instant recovery when subject to higher loading. 

So the question is:  What can YOU expect, compared to regular 30% Rotor Rage? 

In specific applications, Masters Blend tunes easier, runs leaner, runs cooler and with considerably more power.   In general applications, little difference may be noticed.   So, we kind of have the best of all worlds. 

We have a regular 30% Rotor Rage Competition that runs better than anything else on the market.  Now we have a Masters Blend that improves all aspects of engine operation, particularly in those specific applications noted.

In short, Byron Fuels has got you covered no matter what your fuel needs are, from helis to cars and everything in between Byron Fuels has the right nitro for you!

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