Whiplash 90E FBL

12 10 2011

The long awaited flagship 90 of Miniature Aircraft USA is finally here.  After years of waiting the future is now, Whiplash is a helicopter designed by both Bobby Watts and Chris Lund (Big Sky CNC) the helicopter is a total departure from the Miniature Aircraft USA that we all remember.  As with all MA helicopters, the Whiplash was designed and manufactured here in the USA.

The industry has been begging for a new helicopter that is a made here in the USA, this helicopter is 100% forged in Billings Montana.  The helicopter has many unique designs and is one of the most robust models on the market today.  The entire kit is very easy to assemble and was designed by pilots for pilots so the design was made to be easily accessible in the event you need to repair the model.

The kit was a real pleasure to build and with the right power package, this model is a rocket ship!  The official price for the Whiplash 90E FBL kit is $899.99 and will be shipping very shortly!

For more info check out http://www.MiniatureAircraftUSA.com or http://www.HeliWholesaler.com




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