New MKS Servos

18 06 2012

With so many choices these days for high end servos I had the opportunity to try a few other brands but recently I had the opportunity to try the new High Voltage  MKS HBL950’s and HBL980 (tail servo).  To put it lightly, I was very impressed.  Extremely smooth gear train, full metal case and extreme precision is what really set my mind on these new servos!

The specs on these servos are phenomenal and the look, fit and finish are high quality as you would expect.  When considering new servos I would highly recommend looking at the MKS servos for your next helicopter!

I have these servos installed in all of my Whiplash models using the VBar Silver Line for guidance and the performance is astounding!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or send me a message on Facebook!

Videos coming soon!

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