3D Heli School

Want to learn to fly Radio Control Helicopters? 

Are you wanting to improve on your basics to learn more advanced maneuvers?  Working on hovering or completing your first circuit or are you wanting to learn piro flips?  Would you like to learn setup techniques?  We can help!

We offer programs from complete Novice to mid-level pilots that are looking to gain basic knowledge and or refine their current skills.

From hovering to extreme 3D maneuvers, we will show you how to become a better pilot by giving you the knowledge and tools to continually teach yourself.

We Guarantee You will be satisfied!


We offer both Futaba and Spektrum equipment for training.  We urge students to utilize their own helicopters during school, this allows you to learn your machines proper setup as well as have a comfort level with your personal equipment.


We are available for 1 on 1 classes as well as groups of 2-5 students.  Based just 15 minutes northeast of Orlando International Airport (MCO) we are available for local schools and or traveling school anywhere in Florida or in the US.

We come to you:

Traveling schools may use 2 or more instructors based on attendance in order to insure each student receives equal time with instructors.

For local students or students traveling from outside of the US, hotel accommodations are available in the area.

We also have relationships with local hobby stores in the event that you need to purchase parts and or accessories.


Cost is $60 dollars per hour with a 4 hour minimum within 1 hour of our location Santa Clara.  If we need to travel outside of 1 hour a cost of $30 dollars per hour driven will be added to the total cost.  (This is typically split amongst students.)

Traveling classes are typically 2 days (9am-3pm with 1/2 hour lunch) students will need to provide Airfare (if applicable) or gas expense, hotel and rental vehicle (if applicable).  Cost is $350 per student with a minimum of 3 students and a max of 5 students.

Any class reservations require a $100 dollar non-refundable deposit.

Getting Ready and What to Expect:

Since we want to make the most of your time, prior to coming to the school please make sure that your helicopter is airworthy.  Please take extra time to go over your model to make sure everything is in good working order.  SAFETY is our number on focus for each and every student, this means we will not be doing anything down on the “deck” period.

Each student can expect to fly 10+ flights per day, this means rest up.  We need you to be sharp and ready to fly.  We expect you to communicate with us to let us know what your goals are and what your looking to get out of your experience.  This will help us fine tune are curriculum for YOUR specific needs.

Weather is always a concern, if your already in Florida then you know the weather is great!  If your visiting from out of town please make sure that you bring everything necessary to be comfortable in the sun.  (Sunblock, Glasses, Hat)

If we are traveling to you, please keep us updated on your weather conditions.  If the weather is not cooperating we may need to reschedule classes.

For complete school info and scheduling please call:  561-222-4505

Email:  school@mike-3D.com


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