Unboxing the new EPIC Helicopter!

12 02 2013

Check out this new video that shows whats inside the box on the new EPIC Heli!


EPIC Helis

22 01 2013


EPIC is extremely proud and excited to announce that Mike Fortin has joined EPIC Helis.

As you may have seen EPIC is committed to not only making durable and robust models that will stand your ultimate punishment but we also want to provide you with an excellent user experience and provide you with customer service as you would expect it to be, High Quality!

With Mike’s exciting flying, professional experiences and love of the hobby we have no doubt that he will be a great asset to the company



2013_Epic Mainpage_logo image


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Fuel Bladder 101: Extended

26 11 2012

Here is a follow up to the original fuel bladder video. Hopefully this answers all the questions many of you have asked.

If you have more questions, please feel free to shoot me an email.

Thanks for watching.

12 in 1 Tool

23 09 2012

Check out this awesome new 12 in 1 tool from Mavrikk. It includes every hex driver you could possibly need while at the field and fits perfectly in your pocket!


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Heli Fuel Bladder How-To

6 09 2012

Fuel bladders have been around for a while in the RC airplane world but are just now starting to catch the attention of heli pilots as the performance of our engines increase, so will our fuel delivery systems.   With the bladder system, it assures that your entire fuel system will be air free and always deliver a constant flow of fuel to your engine.

New Sick Canopy!

28 08 2012

Yep, it’s SICK…SICK CANOPY!  Oat and his team did an outstanding job on my new canopies.   I got these canopies delivered to me at IRCHA and I was blown away by the quality of the work and finish.

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Gens Ace Batteries!

28 08 2012

Thanks to the folks at Gens Ace USA/HobbyPartz.com for the new packs!  I can’t say enough positive these about these batteries as they have been working hard and going strong since day one.

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