In Depth Look at the EPIC MD7

5 09 2013

Here is a great video that details the new EPIC MD7 and all of it’s features!


Hanging at Mayday with Pinion and the Boys!

11 05 2013

Check out the low and smooth headspeed of the EPIC MD7!

Fuel Bladder 101: Extended

26 11 2012

Here is a follow up to the original fuel bladder video. Hopefully this answers all the questions many of you have asked.

If you have more questions, please feel free to shoot me an email.

Thanks for watching.

12 in 1 Tool

23 09 2012

Check out this awesome new 12 in 1 tool from Mavrikk. It includes every hex driver you could possibly need while at the field and fits perfectly in your pocket!


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Miniature Aircraft USA Whiplash Gasser

24 04 2012

I had the opportunity to fly a prototype Whiplash Gasser the latest addition to the Miniature Aircraft line of helicopters.

I look forward to getting lots more flights on this model and being able to show it off at events in the coming months.  In the meantime here’s a short video we did this past weekend here in Orlando, FL!

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Charging Stuff!

29 12 2011

I wanted to post some pics of my current charging setup, this is currently being reworked by A Designers Edge to make some great new features and a not seen before look. The iChargers are courtesy of as is the new Power Block which allows you the ability to use up to 6 chargers and will eventually make for a super clean install.   But for now, here is the rough version which is pushing roughly 1500 watts and getting power from a Honda EU2000i.

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